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What am I doing when I do not do research?


Outside my working hours, I am a full-time mom. Ori (which means "my light" in Hebrew) was born on April 2020, during the first lockdown due to COVID-19. Although he was born during a global pandemic, and had seen people mostly with masks, he is an extremely happy baby that smiles a lot. Ori is extremely energetic, and can't stop moving for a second. He prefers running over standing or sitting down. His favorite activities include reading books, eating high-carb food (croissants are his favorite food), touching things he is not allowed to (e.g., the TV remote control), and playing in the park next to other children.


I started running a few months after Ori was born. At that time, I did not enjoy it at all, but it was the only outdoor activity that was allowed during the lockdowns. Since then, I fell in love with it. Something magical happens during a long-distance run: I forget about my every day problems and I am reduced to a pair of legs and lungs, feeling free as if I were a child.

I usually run 3-4 times a week. I have completed several half-marathons and I am now training for my first full marathon that is planned to take place in October 2021. Wish me luck ;)

Remaking Old Furniture

I like picking-up an old piece of furniture and remaking or repurposing it. During my undergraduate studies, when I still had some free time (and little money to buy new furniture), I remade some old furniture, including some chairs, a closet, and chests of drawers that belonged to my parents ever since I was a child. I also helped my sister to paint an old dresser that belonged to our grandmother, which now sits in her bedroom. 

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